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Working overtime to ensure supply, special affairs and special offices are full

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The epidemic is raging, and expanding the production capacity and output of medical material companies has become a key part of winning the battle against the epidemic. However, in the context of the closure of the passage from Han to Han, the tight logistics and the difficulty of returning workers to work, medical material companies are facing problems one after another: Where will the people who resume production come from? How to absorb the rising costs? From February 1st to 2nd, reporters from the Economic Daily visited Wuhan Xiezhuo Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Zhongsen Medical Products Co., Ltd., which are 70 kilometers away from the urban area of Wuhan, to investigate.

"I am most worried about production and capacity not going up"

At 1 o'clock noon on February 1, everyone in the protective clothing production workshop of Wuhan Xiezhuo Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. was busy, and none of the workers had lunch breaks or meals. 29-year-old Zhang Wenyi is from Bashan Village, Lucheng Street, Xinzhou District, Wuhan. He has been working in this company for 5 years. Originally to take a holiday on January 22 for the Spring Festival, in the face of the ever-changing epidemic, she and her colleagues chose to stay in the factory to work.

"From January 23 until now, I have been working uninterrupted from 7 am to 11 pm every day. I have not rested for 4 consecutive days. Many of us can't take a sip of water and make a phone call. We all know that medical supplies are urgently needed ahead. ." Zhang Wenyi said.

Li Sen, chairman of Wuhan Xiezhuo Sanitary Products Co., Ltd., said: "The end of the year is the time when companies have the greatest financial needs. Generally, there are various financial needs such as settlement of accounts, company bonuses, and purchases of raw materials. Once the cash flow is out If the problem occurs, production will cease.” Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the company has purchased a large number of disinfectants and thermometers, and every two hours it has to measure the body temperature of its employees, disinfect the workshop, and implement centralized accommodation for ordinary returning employees. All expenses have to be borne. . Calculated, the labor cost has increased by 5 times than usual, and the logistics and procurement costs of raw material polypropylene are also increasing. As a company with annual sales of 200 million yuan, cash flow has been stretched.

On the morning of January 31, when receiving the Li Sen credit application, Gao Zhixin, the head of the Marketing Second Section of Wuhan Jiang'an Sub-branch, Bank of Communications Hubei Branch, responded quickly. He ignored the vacation and immediately reported to the provincial branch's leading group for the response to the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. On January 31, with the support of the Wuhan branch of the People's Bank of China and the business management department of the Wuhan branch, the People's Bank of China Xinzhou Sub-branch and the Wuhan Jiang'an Sub-branch of the Bank of Communications in the jurisdiction provided on-site service and office.

"The normal loan approval cycle takes one week. Since it is a special period, special matters are handled. Some bank employees quickly return to the office to go through the approval process and speed up the progress through online channels, while another part stay in the company to go through the loan process. The 7 million yuan loan took only one working day from approval to loan, and through the fast-loan green channel, the Inclusive Department of Hubei Branch simultaneously promoted the preferential interest rate of epidemic prevention loans to help medical material security companies reduce financing costs." Gao Zhixin said.

After the loan was in place, Li Sen and the company employees did not rest for a moment. “In the past, the production capacity of protective clothing was 3,000 pieces per day. As of February 1, the production capacity of protective clothing has reached 12,000 pieces per day. The production capacity of masks has increased from 200,000 pieces per day to 300,000 pieces. In the future, the capacity of protective clothing will be expanded. At 25,000 pieces per day, the production capacity of masks is also expected to set a new record." Li Sen said.

Change the main and sideline businesses to produce medical supplies

Wuhan Zhongsen Medical Products Co., Ltd. was originally an export-oriented enterprise focusing on foreign trade. The sales of the protective clothing business accounted for only one-fifth of the company's total sales. "It cannot be said that it has no impact on the business layout to shift all the company's production capacity to the production of medical materials, but the epidemic prevention situation is so severe, and private enterprises should also be responsible for the society. At present, the company's production of industrial materials and civilian products has basically stopped. , Wholeheartedly do a good job in the production of medical supplies.” said Deng Manxiang, deputy general manager of Wuhan Zhongsen Medical and Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. in charge of production.

More difficult is to encourage workers to return to work. Only about 60 people returned to work on the day of the Spring Festival. At present, Zhongsen Medical has returned to work, but there is still a gap of about 300 people from the production capacity of full capacity.

According to Yu Jianqiao, manager of the human resources department of Zhongsen Medical, in order to ensure that employees return to work, the Xinzhou District government departments provide special transportation vehicles to transport employees back to the company; the heads of human resources and other related departments help to coordinate and solve the urgent needs of the company. Financial, material and other issues; through the Xinzhou District Human Resources and Social Affairs Department to coordinate relevant online platforms, release recruitment information, attract employees to register; in the vicinity of Xinzhou District, almost every village cadre in the administrative village will come to work, let the village labor Rework as soon as possible.

"After the outbreak, polypropylene and other raw materials also experienced a short-term gap. However, under the coordination of the Xinzhou District and the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, our raw material problem was quickly resolved. Now everyone is very motivated and there is basically no increase in production. Problem." Yu Jianqiao said.


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