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Masks hold people's hearts, how to make up for the gap?

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 Masks have become the "standard equipment" for epidemic prevention and control. As of 24:00 on January 28, the National Health Commission had received a total of 5,974 confirmed cases from 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities). The ongoing epidemic has made masks a "hot commodity", touching people's hearts.




The picture shows workers rushing to make masks at Zhongsen Medical Products Co., Ltd., Xinzhou District, Wuhan City on January 28. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Cai Yang

 In the past few days, many departments and regions have actively taken measures to increase the supply, but the contradiction between the supply and demand of masks is still prominent. How big is the gap in the mask and how to make it up? Reporters conduct interviews and research.

Masks are in short supply, but as the supply continues to increase, the gap will be filled

The reporter found that the masks in the isolation ward had to be changed in 4 hours. Some hospitals consume more than 2,000 N95 masks a day.

 Xu Xu, director of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, said on the 27th that in the next four days, there will be about 4 million medical surgical masks in Zhejiang.

is the needs of medical staff on one side, and the needs of the general public on the other. On many e-commerce platforms, masks have also appeared "urgent". "We are coordinating some companies to supply e-commerce platforms and retail channels to increase market supply." An industry insider told reporters.

Compared with conventional medical masks, N95 masks have a larger gap. Experts believe that some panic has led to the looting of N95 masks, and there is a gap in the front-line medical staff who most need this type.




The picture shows workers rushing to manufacture protective clothing at Wuhan Xiezhuo Sanitary Products Co., Ltd., Xinzhou District, Wuhan, on January 28. The company is an enterprise that produces surgical gowns and protective clothing. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Cai Yang

After the outbreak, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology took the lead in safeguarding the prevention and control materials, and did everything possible to ensure the demand for prevention and control materials in Wuhan. Since the 23rd, we have received four batches of material demand lists from Wuhan. Most of the material supplies can meet the needs, but the demand for protective clothing and masks is more prominent.

my country is a big country producing masks, and its annual output accounts for about 50% of the world. Why is there a shortage of masks? There are multiple factors such as epidemic situation, reserves and production.

"The epidemic broke out suddenly. Now not only the medical staff, but the common people are wearing masks. The original stock is quickly consumed, which poses a challenge to production capacity." said Li Lingshen, president of the China Industrial Textile Industry Association.

Multiple factors such as increasing demand, insufficient inventory, and factory holidays during the Spring Festival have caused a short-term shortage of masks.

The picture shows workers rushing to make masks at Zhongsen Medical Products Co., Ltd., Xinzhou District, Wuhan City on January 28. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Cai Yang




Cao Xuejun, deputy director of the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, told reporters that the daily production capacity is more than 20 million under normal circumstances. But because of the Spring Festival holiday, the production capacity has not been fully utilized.

"The guarantee task depends on inventory in the short-term, and production in the long-term. We go straight to corporate inventory, coordinate production all the way, and open up green channels." The person in charge of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology said that the existing production capacity focuses on ensuring Hubei, Wuhan and medical institutions in various regions. People in other regions may find it difficult to buy masks. As the supply continues to increase, the gap will be filled.


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